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Building project latest...


First building complete - January 2010

Early in 2010 the first Classroom block was completed. Thanks to your donations the Lweeza Primary building project is well underway!


Before After

An old classroom block

The first of two new classroom blocks

We still haven't raised the full £40,000 needed to complete the School. If you would like to make a donation click here.

100% of all funds donated goes directly to Lweeza Primary. This is because Football4Arica is run entirely by volunteers.



The Building begins - August 2009

Davy AllenDuring the summer of 2009 a team from Northern Ireland travelled to Uganda to begin building the New Lweeza Primary School.

The team themselves raised over £8,000 of the £35,000 needed to rebuild the School. Led by Davy Allen (right) from Bangor, they assisted the Ugandan builders and got the new School underway.




  The headmaster looks on  



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