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What is Football4Africa?

Just like in the UK, children in Africa love football. They love playing, watching and learning about football. But unlike children here, football is rare luxury in life where everyday is just a struggle to survive.


Street-made football in UgandaToday alone, 19,000 children will never play football again. They will die from easily curable diseases that they couldn’t afford the medication for. Our parent charity, Abaana, has for 11 years now provided children in Africa with the education, healthcare, and chance in life they had only ever dreamed of.


Football4Africa uses the beautiful game to raise awareness and funds for the Children of Africa.


While Abaana meets their practical needs we wanted to give the kids something fun, and the chance to enjoy life like kids in the west do. All the money raised and shirts collected go straight to those in the poorest parts of the world. Maybe your passion for football could help put a smile on a childs face.



How it began...

Youth team 2007In July 2007 a Christian team of young people travelled to Uganda for a month with Abaana. During this month they were involved in various projects including; building, teaching, cleaning and entertaining. The aim; to show God’s love by actions. Throughout the trip, no matter where they went, one thing was evident – the children love football.


Another team in Uganda that summer with Abaana was from Bangor Grammar School. They brought old football shirts and other equipment – the Ugandan’s thought it was Christmas.


This is how F4A was born. A group of guys from these teams got together and decided to help make things better in Africa through Football. In October 2007 the ‘Football Shirt Amnesty’ was launched. Your unwanted football shirts collected and distributed directly to those who need them by Abaana staff in Uganda.


Late in 2008 F4A decided to take things one step forward, the aim - raise £35,000 to build a School in Uganda. This is a massive task but one we feel is important. More details here.


The future of F4A? Stay tuned. We have multiple awareness and fundraising events in planning. Almost in the words of Bill Shankly – Football can be a matter of life and death.

To see some photos from these trips - click here



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