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Football Shirt Amnesty

Football Shirt Amnesty 2007-2009

Donated shirts in MalawiFootball4Africa ran a Football Shirt Amnesty from October 2007 until December 2009. During the project thousands of replica football shirts, full team kits, football boots and other equipment were donated.

The response from the people of the UK and beyond has been overwhelming. THANK YOU for your support.

These shirts are now being worn by Football fans in Uganda, Zimbabwe, Burkina Faso, Ethiopia, Romania, Cuba, Kenya, Malawi etc. To see some photos Click Here.


A new chapter...

The existing School

As Football4Africa is run entriely by volunteers we have limited time and resources. We have therefore decided to put all our efforts into our School Building Project.


We are raising £40,000 to rebuild Lweeza Primary in Uganda. This will give 100's of children the chance of getting and education which could change their lives! For more information click here.


Other Charities...

AfrikitWe hope to run a Football Shirt Amnesty in the future when we have the resources. If you have shirts that you would like to have sent to the Third World we would recommend Afrikit. Click here for the Afrikit web-site.




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