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Football Shirt Amnesty

Football Shirt Amnesty


The idea

Donated shirtWe all have a stash of football shirts that we'll never wear again. Rather than these shirts going to waste we can get them to those who would wear them with pride. Whether it's one replica shirt or 11 shirts that your Football Team doesn't need anymore - we can use them to put smiles on faces!


The work so far...

Over 3000 shirts have been sent to Uganda. Photos of these are on our F4A In Action page. We have also sent shirts to Zimbabwe, Malawi, Burkina Faso, Ethiopia, Romania, Kenya and Cuba.


How can you help?

Donated shirtsYou can donate your shirt by sending it to the below address. We are also raising money in order to help us send the shirts to Africa. We hope to raise £5000 to do this.


If you would like to run you own Football Shirt Amnesty at your local Football Club, School or Youth Club - Go for it!

You will find Posters and PowerPoints for download here.


Please send your shirts to this address:

Abaana F4A
78 High Street
Co. Down
Northern Ireland
BT20 5AZ

For more information email us at




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