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Abaana is a charity run by volunteers, along with three full time workers, for the benefit of less privileged people in Africa. The word "Abaana" comes from a language found in the country of Uganda (East Africa) and means "children”. Abaana was set up in January 1998 and hopes to show young people that through sacrificing a little time and money, they can also get involved in making a difference.




Afrikit is a charity run by 5 students, based at the University of Sheffield. They collect used football shirts and send them to the poorest rural communities in Africa. They aim to provide fun, enjoyment and inspiration for kids and adults alike. They have already touched lives in Kenya, Tanzania, Malawi, South Africa, Mozambique and soon Lesotho.



Football Direct OnlineFootball Direct

Football Direct Online provide top quality football equipment and accessories. Products range from football kits to training wear and accessories. They also specialise in coaching sessions for teams and coaches. Football Direct Online have kindly agreed to advertise Football4Africa on their website in an attempt to bring in used football shirts and accessories to be sent to Africa.



SOS Kit Aid - The Lord Taverners

LV SOS Kit Aid collect cricket and rugby kits and have the support of the International Rugby Board and the England Cricket Board. Kits are donated to local schools and projects and also other countries such as Bosni, Haiti, South Africa, Kenya and Kazakhstan.




Bangor FC

Bangor Football Club is Football4Africa's local Football Team. Bangor FC have supported F4A by donating football kits, training wear and tracksuits. They have also included our School Building Project in their match programme. We look foward to building on this relationship and working closely with Bangor FC.




OWC is an independant web-site for fans of Northern Ireland. Over 7000 of the Green & White Army are members on the fans forum.This forum has become a major platform for promoting Football4Africa. Many football shirts have been donated as a result of members reading our posts.



Glasgow the Caring City

Established in 1999, Glasgow the Caring City is 'by the people of Glasgow, for the people of Glasgow' and gives the City a voice in the arena of overseas development. Their donation of football shirts to our Football Team was invaluable. We hope to work futher with 'Glasgow the Caring City'.



The Red Berry Coffee CompanyRed Berry

The Red Berry Coffee Company is located in a prestigious land-mark building in Bangor, County Down. The owner Glynn Ochin has supported Football4Africa and Abaana for some time. Red Berry was a drop-off point for the Shirt Amnesty. They, like Abaana, promote Fairtrade products.



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