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Sports Gear for 6 Ugandan Schools

Some of the gearFootball4Africa have been able to supply 6 Schools in Uganda with sports equipment. Previously the 6 Abaana run Schools never had sports facilities - all funds were used for teacher's wages, medical supplies, clean water and other essentials.


F4A were able to spend £3000 on equipment and now over 2000 children have P.E. as part of their education. The equipment was purchased in Uganda - putting money into the local economy. The gear included footballs, netballs, skipping ropes, badminton rackets, nets, volley balls, frisbies, bibs etc etc.


The children and teaching staff were ecstatic and sent a massive WEBALE (thank you) to those who made it possible! Here are some photos...



F4A making an impact!


Christ the King Primary School.

Andrew McAvoy Memorial School.

New Foundations Primary School.

Matthew Cardwell Primary School (the boys).
Matthew Cardwell Primary School (the girls).
Play time!
Kantonte Junior school

Kantonte Jr. Skipping time

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